1. What products does Ronak Gold Offer?

Ronak Gold offers gold and silver bars/coins with different denominations.

2. Rates shown on webside and app are live?


3. Can I purchase product from any branch?

Yes, you can buy at any of our any branches(listed in booking desk).

4. What do we meant by Gold/Silver Hazir rates?

Ready delivery (current rate).

5. What does Gold/Silver Costing refers to?

MCX rate.

6. If I purchase at one branch, can I take delivery at another branch?

Yes, orders can be booked from one branch and delivery can be taken from another branch same applies on payment procuder.

7. Can I Sell a Gold/Silver bar to Ronak Gold?


8. Can I make Cheque payment?

Yes, Cheque payments can be done, subject to their realization.

9. Can I make payment through credit card?

Yes, but only from two of our branches (Opera house & Walkeshwar respectively){T&C apply}.

10. How can I make payment through 'Transfer' ?

You can transfer money to our Ronak Gold account through
i) Account transfer.
ii) RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement).
iii)NEFT(National Electronic Fund Transfer.
(Bank Details listed in booking desk){T&C apply}.

11. Can customers buy/sell online gold/silver?


12. What's the procedure of delivery of Gold/Silver on E-Payment?

Goods will be delivered on Credit of the amount in our account.